Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thank you and SMOOCH!

When Stampin Up announced we would be carrying the Smooch Spritz I was excited.  I love the Shimmery White cardstock Stampin Up carries but with the Smooch, ALL of my paper can be shimmery!  I purchased the vanilla and it is beautiful!  It also does not tend to "warp" your cardstock like some other sprays I have used.

I made this card for my neighbor who included my daughter on their Spring Break excursions!  She LOVES skulls and the pink, black and white plus shimmer creates an awesome card.  I used the grain stamp from the new Sweets Scoops set to resemble "zebra" stripes.  I also sprayed the skull but it's not easily seen in the photo!

You can order your Smooch in several different colors starting in May.  It is definiately a must have so add it to your list!

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